A 3 Hole Punch

Tonight I’m listening to Jeremy Riddle and have all the candles in my room lit. I’m sleepily contemplating more studying. I just finished organizing my notebook. While I was doing that I came to a realization….

For the first time in 4 years of college I bought a 3 hole punch. It’s changed my life. It makes me feel so organized. You all know that you get a lot of handouts in class. For the other 3 years of college I have had lots of loose paper floating around, so this year I figured I’d try to fix that. So far it’s working.

This semester I’m taking:
CAS 2033-Intro to the Nonprofit Sector
MKT 3013-Principles of Marketing
JMC 3813-Typography and Design
IAS 3033-International Human Rights
HR 3013-Intro to Human Relations

So far all of my classes have been really good. I think that it’s going to be a good semester. I like International Human Rights the best so far. I think it’s going to have good discussion and I know people in the class–namely my roommate Megan.


One response to “A 3 Hole Punch

  1. A three-hole-punch sounds awesome. I wish I had one. I am so jealous. I have a stapler and that’s pretty nice. But it’s no three-hole-punch.

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