Bikes, Roommates, Hymns

I’ve been riding my bike a lot lately. In fact it’s a new bike. I like it because it’s blue. It matches Katherine’s bike. I love living so close to campus because it’s a 4 minute ride to campus and there is no hassle trying to find a parking place. It’s also nice to work out and exercise after a long summer of physical therapy and doctor’s appointments. Tonight was the first thunderstorm of the fall. Unluckily we were on campus with a roommate’s bike a while a way. So we rode through the water and lightening and thunder to get to roommate’s bike. Then we rode swiftly home, but as we rode the rain got harder and harder. Luckily just as we were locking our bikes up at home the rain began. But it was a great night. I just love memory making time with roommates. Now we’re curled up in our living room drinking coffee talking about life.

I always love the first RUF of the year because I loving singing hymns. I always forget about how much I love RUF hymns and worship when I’m away for the summer. It’s nice to be back.


One response to “Bikes, Roommates, Hymns

  1. Katherine Greer

    You bike is so so cool and stylish.

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