Hymns and Tornadoes

I’m proud of myself because I feel like I’m acclimating to being an Oklahoma resident because as I was walking to my 8 a.m. final yesterday I said to myself…”this feels like a tornado day.” Little did I know how true that prediction really was!

Growing up in Dallas, storms came and went, hurricanes happened on the coast, strong winds blew through–but for the most daily life in Dallas is rarely affected by weather. So as a Dallas girl, my first Friday in Oklahoma was a surprise to me when I heard the wailing of the tornado sirens being tested at noon. During my 2 years in Oklahoma, I have weathered some severe storms with some incredible lightening, I have heard of distant tornadoes near little tiny Oklahoma towns somewhere in Oklahoma, I have been under tornado watches and warnings in Cleveland County, but….NEVER have actually had a tornado come near enough to Norman for them to turn the tornado sirens on.

Last night was the night I got to hear the sirens. We heard that there were several tornadoes that touched down in the state, and I guess one of those came near enough to Norman for them to turn the sirens on. Apparently from what I hear, Norman doesn’t  get hit by tornadoes. (knock on wood) I don’t know why that is, but I rather hope it stays that way.

P.S. That is an example tornando–not the one that made the sirens go off…just in case you were wondering!


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