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I’m sitting here watching the rain out the window at Winans…not studying because I feel ready for my 8 a.m. final tomorrow. But I think that’s probably me being overconfident. I decided to take a break and blog for a while.

This post is prompted by the fact as a Public Relations major we are constantly bombarded by the message of social media and how important it is to use it in our campaigns. The following are my thoughts about this. Not all of them are complete. They are just musings that I’m curious to hear your thoughts about.

I don’t disagree with the usefulness of social media. I’ve seen what a big impact it had on our campaign this year–it helped us achieve results that we would not have had otherwise. I’ve seen how useful it is for campus events. I also appreciate how it allows me to stay in contact with friends around the nation who I would not talk to otherwise.

Honestly, think about how much time you spend on your various social media accounts during your day. Think about how many times you’re writing a paper and just get on facebook for a “quick” minute–that turns into a while.

My problem is I think that social media isolates us. I’ve heard numerous stories of “tweet-ups” where a group of people sit in a room together and use twitter to talk to each other. I mean really…?!?

I think these sites create a false sense of community and security.

I just fear that we’re losing the personal side of communication with the help of these sites. There is time and effort that goes into a phone call or a written letter that our generation has lost.

I also know that these sites help us “waste time”. I know I’d write a paper so much faster if I didn’t have so many other things to look at or do or keep up with on my computer.

So these are my thoughts…..what do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? I’m sorry they are not more complete. I’m just thinking out loud.


2 responses to “Social Media

  1. I definitely agree, but my addiction is too far gone to curb it now, I am afraid….

    I do appreciate the positive aspects of media, such as being able to keep up with friends/cousins etc around the country, but mostly I think Facebook and other such sites merely serve to fuel my laziness. Technology is a bittersweet blessing.

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