the 918

My most recent thought on life in Oklahoma is that Tulsa is my new favorite Oklahoma town (or is city the right word to insert here?). Tulsa has…


Philbrook Museum. (My favorite part from this most recent visit)


Mimi’s Cafe.

The Coffee Shop on Cherry Street.

Plus…it has the home’s of good friends.

Anyways….those are my thoughts about Oklahoma right now.


4 responses to “the 918

  1. Lindsey Brewer adores this.
    I feel like blogging is a lot more expressive so I wasn’t going to say “Lindsey Brewer likes this” because that would remind you of facebook, and let us make this clear: blogger is not facebook.

  2. Tulsa is well-deserving of the esteem you have given it. It is one of a kind and OKC doesn’t hold a candle. You should come to the homes of your friends who reside there often. We can show you all kinds of treasures of Tulsa you’ve only dreamed of.

  3. Don't forget that Philmore is from Tulsa. OH YEAH>>>>>> 90s CHRISTIAN PUNK>> >>> OH YEAH

  4. yay for this!

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