Bike Riders….why?

This is something that I’ve been wondering for a long time, this happens mostly in Norman, but I’ve been driving around Dallas today and noticing it here too. Maybe some of you bike riders out there can help me answer this question. 

So, imagine driving down…say, well I can’t think of a street that would be an example off the top of my head. Well this street is a nice street and you’re driving a long and to your right you notice a nice smooth sidewalk that goes on as far as your eye can see. Well then all of a sudden you happen upon a bike rider, but instead of using the nice smooth sidewalk, he/she is riding in the road right along with the cars. Why is that? I mean I could understand if there wasn’t sidewalk or something, but this happens when there’s wonderful sidewalk to ride on. I really don’t mind that bikers choose to ride in the road, but I don’t really understand why. So my question tonight is why the road, not the sidewalk? 
Take a minute in your day to listen to “Hallelujah” by Shawn Mcdonald. It’s the beginning of Matthew 5 put the music. It’s a new favorite of mine. I’m pretty sure today alone, it’s now number one on my Top 25 most played in my iTunes. My second most played is “Falling Slowing” by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. 
I like late night phone calls from roommates. 

2 responses to “Bike Riders….why?

  1. It’s easier to keep to the right side of a road when you’re moving fast than to follow a sidewalk and be on the lookout for obstacles. Especially around campus!

  2. sometimes it involves getting up a curb to get onto the sidewalk, which is just so not worth it

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